Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

I have been lucky in life to have two fathers.
This is them at my wedding (I took a picture of the picture, as I couldn't figure out how to biggen the other one) I was also lucky because they liked each other and became friends.

My dad was young when I was born and we've had some ups and downs in our relationship. Although he and I share a very strong bond, we lost touch for several years. We have now reconnected and it's been really good.
sorry - bad webcam picture

I also had a wonderful stepfather named Bill. He was just a fantastic man who was a great father. Unfortunately he died in 1996, way too early. I still miss him.

I will call my dad today and I will visit Bill's grave to wish them both a Happy Father's Day...


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Anonymous said...

This is a nice tribute to both of your Father's.