Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Housekeeping and Birds

I am not a good housekeeper. We don't have kids...We don't have people who come to our it's just the HUBS and I. He can be messy too. The problem is we have outgrown our apartment.

So our apartment is very cluttered and it can get messy. I tend not to clean, there are better things to do. But this summer one of my goals was to deep clean the apartment. I have been purging things since last summer and it has helped, but we still have a long way to go...

One of the things that needs to be cleaned are our bird cages. We have two birds, Baloo, a Pionus parrot and Beeper, a Rosella. Baloo is out of his cage pretty often. Beeper does not come out. Baloo was hand raised, Beeper was not and freaks out if we go near him. He likes to sing and he will listen to us talk to him, but doesn't like us too near. It's a pain to clean his cage. Baloo's cage is easier, but this is what I deal with:

He hates the vacuum and will attack it when it comes too near his cage.

Today I tackled two of the messier jobs: the bathroom and the bird cages (although I'm taking a break between Baloo and Beeper....)

It cooled off today, so it was good day to do this...

The biggest problem with the birds is pantry moths. They come in the food and we have tried everything. Now we just live with them. I will do a deep cleaning of the kitchen soon and it will include looking for pantry moths and dumping food they have infested. The moths don't bother me as much as the larvae...YUCK!!!!! Luckily they are not attracted to yarn, however I have found some in my yarn, but not too many...

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