Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ladybug Sweater Done!

This is the Ladybug sweater I made for my friend's daughter Natalie. I hope it fits her in the fall! I started it awhile ago and since I am trying to finish my WIP's, here it is. Plus I was going to see them today!

The basic sweater pattern is from a Bernat free tear-off called "Sweet Baby Hoodie" I used Caron One Pounder in Scarlet (the color does not photograph well) and TLC Essentials in Black for the border. Not sure you can make out the little appliques. I would have liked to find one big one, but could only find the small one....

I am off to the beach today to visit with friends and babies!


  1. that's an adorable sweater!! aw, i love it, it'll be great for a baby. i can just imagine pudgy cheeks poking out of the hood. beautiful work, tammy!