Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Driving Through Rhode Island

It was another road trip day for the Hubs and I. I decided to call these our "Day Dates." We seem to go on them every month or so...He works retail, so sometimes schedule is really screwy...

He said last week he wanted whole belly clams from Rhode Island. Since he "usually" has Tuesdays off, we planned on going today..I, of course, looked up some yarn shops.

We headed to Warwick to Mrs. May's Yarns...It was not open. We called, they share a store with a photography business and we're doing a shoot...Okay well guess I'm not shopping there...Across the street was an old Ocean State Job Lot. That is where the Hubs is working now, so we checked it out...Then headed south to Narragansett.

We stopped in North Kingston, as there was a yarn shop there. The Mermaid's Purl. It was cute and, of course, I bought some yarn...The Hubs picked out a skein of "clown barf" named Mardi Gras from Jitterbug. I don't have any Jitterbug yarn. Then I bought some Manos blend silk, just because....

I was bored on the ride home (I drove down) so took pictures of my yarn.

The town was cute, a touristy town with lots of little shops. Lots of jewelry shops. We walked around for a bit, but decided to keep heading south for lunch...

Finally we got to Narragansett and found the cutest little diner/shop on the water. It was good. The Hubs got his whole belly clams, and I ate my regular fish and chips..

We walked around on the pebbly, rocky beach for a bit and then headed home...a nice "day date" The Hubs, yarn, food and the ocean....Oh and I found my first piece of sea glass ever!!!!!

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