Sunday, July 18, 2010

New Shops and Yarn

It's been a day or so since I last posted, not sure why, just laziness...

Yesterday I went out and about to check out a few new LYS' in Connecticut. I headed to Glastonbury first to check out Village Wool..However they had a flood and were packing everything up. Their ceiling fell in, it was a mess. She said they hope to reopen in about a month, so I'll venture back there in August.

So I headed south and went to Deep River to Yarns Down Under It was a cute shop, stuffed with lots of yarn in a small space. The owner, Sheila, was there. She was very friendly. She was designing bears for a tree at one of the museums during the Christmas season. They were adorable, so could have taken one home!

She informed me that Manos del Uruguay is discontinuing their stria cotton!!! So I bought 11 skeins! I love this cotton!

It was a great little shop and I recommend visiting, just keep driving down the dirt road....yeah it's at the end of a dirt road, underneath a small golf course club building - get it? "down under" Cute!

Since I was out that way, I also went to The Connecticut Yarn and Wool Company I liked this store because the majority of their yarn is produced locally. It's a brand called "Farmhouse Yarns" I also bought some buttons there, as they had some cool looking ones.

I really enjoyed my day out, which also consisted of a visit to Gillette's Castle - about that tomorrow....Here's the yarnz....

First the Farmhouse Yarns:

Then I got some Mountain Colors and Manos: Just a sampling of the Manos, as I bought 8 colors!

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Where the nodding violets grow said...

Wow look at that lovely yarn. How lovely to do a yarn shop tour. It is nice to be stocked up. Just in case.