Monday, December 27, 2010

Snow Day!

Wish it had come when we could get a day off, but now we don't have to make it up in June!!!!!

Until yesterday this was all the snow we had gotten:

It was a pretty pitiful amount a couple of weeks ago. Well yesterday, we had a "blizzard" blow in...

There is actually not a ton of snow, maybe a foot or so....but the wind is making it pretty yucky. Some places have 3-4 feet (like against our garage door) and some places are almost bare....and then when there is a crack, even the houses are getting snow.

This is our back porch...
There is a gap at the bottom of the door that has let the snow blow in. Luckily we have another door between the porch and our back hallway and then another door into the apartment. Otherwise we'd be in snow, too!!!


  1. How many days of school do you have in a year. We are on our winter break since Dec. 20 till January 3. It is kinda cool here at 51 degrees but no snow. Yipee. I love the north but just hated the winter and extreme cold

  2. i know - same here! it's the wind that makes it so bad, hard to stand upright. even the subways are getting snow down in the tunnels. weird. i hope you had a great christmas tammy!