Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Wasted Day

Today was a wasted day....I spent the majority of it in bed watching the Primeval marathon on SyFy. When I finally made myself get up, well I did a couple of things..

- Packed up two boxes of books to donate to the retirement center

- picked up and put away some of the Hubs Christmas pressies

- Packed some of my Christmas clothes away

- did some laundry and the dishes

- I did a bit of crochet while I was laying abed...

Back in bed, freezing, as the Hubs turns down the heat when he gets home.

I have a headache in/behind/above my left eye....so I think I'll have a wasted night too...


Anonymous said...

Your day doesn't sound wasted at all! Even if you hadn't gotten up and done all those things, even if you'd just stayed in bed and watched a marathon of shows, everyone needs a day like that now and then. Especially teachers.

I hope your headache is gone today - sent with all my hope and understanding, from a fellow headache sufferer

Emma said...

I hope you feel better!

ewenique said...

Christmas clothes? There's such a thing as Christmas clothes?
Help me out here, I'm imagining you and the mr. dressed up as Mr and Mrs Cringle.

I do hope you're all better by now.

best wishes for the new year.