Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My Guy

Now I love my husband, but through the years I've also been in love/lust with some others.

When I was a teenager, it was C. Thomas Howell. Does anyone remember him? I actually noticed him first in ET. He's one of the bike riding friends. I had an ET card thumbtacked to my wall where you could just see him in the background. (OMG, I found that image, he is the one behind Henry Thomas) Then The Outsiders hit and he was all over. Unfortunately, he made some bad movie choices and is now a B, maybe even C movie actor. But he still was plastered on my bedroom closet doors (I had 4) with Duran Duran during the 80's. (He was great on Criminal Minds as George Foyet, the serial killer.) (Criminal Minds has made serial killers of several teeny-bopper stars)

Now, as an adult, my tastes became a little more refined....and have led to this man:

Colin Firth, oh how I love thee (except in The Last Legion, bad, bad, bad movie)

I saw him first in "Circle of Friends" (and if anyone has this DVD, I would gladly buy it, it's out of print) but really noticed him, of course, Pride and Prejudice

I just recently purchased my latest Firth movie...A Christmas Carol, just cuz his voice is in it....I now own 26 Colin Firth movies.....

I just saw
It was soooooo gooood!!! He was fabulous in "A Single Man" and he is beyond fabulous in this! I'm sure he will again be nominated for an Oscar and hopefully he'll win this time. Geoffrey Rush was fantastic in this movie too! All of the supporting cast was just so good. Plus, BONUS! Jennifer Ehle, who played Elizabeth Bennett, opposite Colin's Darcy played Rush's wife. I did not know she was in this movie! What a great surprise!

Hmmm, I think I need to go watch Pride and Prejudice or maybe St Trinian's, cuz he is hysterical with Rupert Everett.....

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Anonymous said...

ooh! i've been dying to see king's speech! it'll have to jump up higher on my list, since you say it's so good. of course, even if it's not, just gazing at CF makes it worthwhile. :)