Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Heart Shattering Day

It can be heart rending to work with kids. It can be heart breaking to work with kids who live in poverty. It is heart shattering to work with a child whose parent is dying.

I knew one of my student's mom had cancer. I met her at conferences in November. She has been fighting for 3 years.

I spoke with her liaison today (power of attorney, etc) She is back in the hospital and they are making arrangements for her children. The goal is for her to spend Christmas with her four children. If she makes that goal, they will set a new one. This child will be leaving in the next month or two to live with his father. I am starting a collection for the family tomorrow.

Oh and they are also homeless...I cried on the way home today. There are days that are just heart shattering.


Sara said...

:-( That is indeed heart shattering.

lori said...

oh. Tammy. That's really so so sad - any time, and just a little more this time of year. The poor kids, the poor mom. I'm so sorry....

Bekka said...

Have you ever thought of putting a link for PayPal donations on your blog?
Having worked with kids and teachers before, I know there is ALWAYS something that children in a classroom need, or sometimes just one of those children.
And since teachers don't get paid what they're worth, why not let your online community help your kids out?

Anonymous said...

OMG, that is heart shattering. The poor family. I've worked with a child whose mother had cancer, and that was hard enough.