Monday, May 16, 2011

Awesome Weekend!

I took a personal day on Monday and spent the weekend perusing fibery things…

I visited 5 LYS’s, including Webs.  I spent a day at the New Hampshire Sheep and Wool Festival.

I saw buffalo and had a close encounter! He was not at the NH Sheep and Wool, but down the road at a farm.  I’ll do a separate post, because I have more pictures…

Buffalo in Warner, NH

I was snuzzled by an alpaca, Cody….He was the friendliest alpaca I have ever met!  His owner said he likes foreheads and believes it’s all about him! He belongs to Higher Ground Alpacas in Salisbury, NH


DSC04029 It was raining, but I came prepared in my fun rain boots.  The bag I had picked up the day before at Webs.  I have the coffee cup (but I use it for tea) that matches the bag….

DSC04020The black alpaca is Peppermint.  His owner said he likes to pose.  I have several shots of him.  I was trying to get the three together to show their range of colors..beautiful!!!  The fawn colored one was Nutmeg and I think the grey was Savory (but could be wrong).

DSC04017 There were llamas too…I love this picture…

and sheep…

DSC03991 DSC03995

DSC03996 DSC03997

DSC04027 There were gatherings of fiber artist.  This was the display and educational barn…

DSC03982 DSC03984

DSC03985 DSC03986

A Farm History museum.  The pump is working and was rebuilt.

DSC03987 DSC04023

Some really cool things.  Bag is made from the plastic bags that newspapers come in.  The center of the lion is made from the momma alpaca and the mane is from her babies!

DSC03979 This is what I walked through to get to the fairgrounds.  It was beautiful…

I did not take pictures of any yarn…but I have plenty of my own!  I only bought three skeins here……


  1. Great photos. It looks like great fun. Even in the rain. Love the wellies.

  2. NHSW looks great, there was a point where I thought I might get to both MDSW and NH but the distance between was just too much for us to cover in the time. So, its great to see it through your eyes. I love Alpaca - that was what was drawing me to NHSW.. I lve the lion too... I would just want to snuggle into him... great pictures thank you for sharing!