Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Buffalo! or Bison???

When I got off the exit to head to the NH Sheep and Wool Festival, I saw a sign advertising a buffalo farm….I decided I needed to go there.  I wanted to get pictures for my students.  We have been discussing buffalo recently and they are inner-city kids, so no buffalo there!

There were no buffalo around when I got there….(I did purchase some venison meat for the Hubs).  The owner said they were up there…

DSC04034 See that stone wall…way up there?  They were behind that…Usually they are down below, but it was raining, so they were up on the hill….I’m really out of shape, as I was huffing and puffing by the time I got there and saw

DSC04040Then one buffalo moved across the field to munch at the other feeder…

DSC04038 Then he came back…

DSC04043 and stopped and stared at me

DSC04045 Then he came closer

DSC04046and closer

DSC04047 he was interested in the feeder near me and stuck his head in to eat

and then he stared at me again

DSC04051 and came really close

DSC04053 There is only the electric fence separating us.  I was unsure whether he wanted pets or was warning me….My heart did beat a bit faster.  I did reach out and scratch his snout….It was all so surreal….and I thanked him before I left.

DSC04054 This was also at the farm….it is?

DSC04055 a hungry goat…is that an oxymoron?  Aren’t goats always hungry?  There was a feeder that you could get food out of…he knocked about a 1/3 of it out of my hand….I’m sure the free range chickens appreciated that!

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Sara said...

Thanks for all the cute animal pics!