Thursday, May 26, 2011

Talented Kids Edition

Haven’t posted in several days….had some issues earlier this week between Blogger and Norton…Norton Utilities kept shutting me down and saying it was unsafe, but then I’d go into Norton Safeweb and plug in the addy and they said it was okay….anyhow, it resolved itself, after an unhelpful phone call to Norton…the guy just couldn’t wrap his head around the problem…so I’m hoping it’s safe….how would I know if I’ve been hacked…and I apologize if anyone has a problem, please let me know…

Been busy, end of school year…also participating in a scavenger hunt on Ravelry….lots of fun!  Nerd Wars! 

Saw my niece in a show on Friday night – Alladin!  My brother kept asking me if it was done…now he has two kids and has never watched it…I have no kids and have seen it a bazillion times!


My niece is the one in the sparkly silver scarf behind Alladin.

Next, when I went to New Hampshire, I visited with my aunt and cousin.  My cousin had her son play guitar for me.  He has been studying since the fall.  This was the second time he played the song for me…

R playing Amazing Grace

Kids are just fun…and gonna pop this fun picture in…

DSC04175  A gaggle of girls solving math problems…It was such a cute picture, I couldn’t resist…. 

Also (with parent permission)

DSC04204 I needed an action picture for my scavenger hunt and asked if my kids had any games coming up.  This is one of my students, Billy, running to first base….I think it’s such a great action shot…

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