Monday, May 30, 2011

Mass Sheep and Woolcraft Fair

Saturday morning was an early one!  I am participating in a scavenger hunt on Ravelry and needed a picture of a Farmer’s Market…my bestest bud, Deidre goes to a plant one…so I met her at her house at 6:00 am….too early!  But it was good walk around, and I got my picture, plus some Gerber daisies…I love Gerber daisies!!!
Then we had some breakfast, stopped at a tag sale and said our goodbyes…She to plant all day, me to head to Massachusetts….BUT before I headed to Mass, I had 4 students to pick up….I decided since I had to pay $10 for a carload, I might as well load my car….so two sets of brother and sister joined me…I’ve had 3 of them as students….It was a long drive up…1 1/2 hours, but we enjoyed it….
They are all urban kids and had never been to something like this…most of my students ask me about crochet/knitting, they are fascinated by it….I have taught an afterschool class last year, but didn’t do it this year….
We had a good time and yes I bought some yarn!
DSC04249 The yarnDSC04261 Dog trials….
DSC04256 The girls
DSC04257 The boys
DSC04264 More yarn!  I bought one of those skeins way up in the left corner on top…
The kids did the weaving tryouts and were at the looms for at least 30 minutes….they LOVED them!  Then one of the boys (in the red shirt) also tried his hand at spinning…again he loved it!  They pet sheep and lots of angora bunnies…They learned all about grooming bunnies from this lady.
Now I was looking for some yarn, as I have an idea for a Stargate hat for Nerd Wars…so I bought a couple of blue skeins, but then found one with silver shot through it…On the drive home, I decided to stop at WEBS, (as we had to drive through Northhampton)  The boys stayed in the car and the girls headed in with me….they were a bit overwhelmed..
I’m gonna post about the pairings of yarn separate, as I need a bit of help..
Long, exhausting day…but well worth it!


Julie said...

What a fun day! And I know it was a great experience for the kids you brought along too. Looks like you had a blast!

Siga said...

Sheep and wool AND Webs on the same day. Sounds pretty perfect to me. :)