Saturday, October 20, 2012

Today's Blog Post is Brought to You By


Old spinning wheels...

 Many sheep, because where would we be without them?

 Hats!  The top one is from Moonlight Llamas.

 These hats are from the knit group that meets in the southern part of the state.  I've gone to a few of their knit nights...The top one is an Exploding Tardis, then Panda Bears and finally Mermaids!  I didn't see the rest of the group, but I'm sure a picture will pop up somewhere...they have gotten kinda famous with their hats...

 Rockefeller by Stephen West....

And the man himself....Stephen West...with my friend Maureen, who loves him and I kinda had to push into going up to meet him..

Exploding Fall color....yeah that's me in my big giant granny square tunic....I didn't realize how much it would stretch, need to fix the straps... KnittingDefender is one of my Nerd Wars team mates and she is wearing her Thermal

 Families enjoying the beautiful day...the last picture there is an adult and a child sitting under the tree knitting...

 BeckyinVT sporting a yet-unreleased pattern...
Gnomespun showing off his socks (knit by a friend) in his Gnomespun Swamp Thing (I may have come home with some)

That was Rhinebeck this year...It was an absolute BLAST!!!!  I loved going with Maureen, we had such an awesome time!!!!!


  1. Great pictures and commentary, thank you so much! It made up for not being there this year!

  2. I am beyond jealous! LOVE all of the photos! I am working on my Rockefeller...maybe one day I'll see Stephen West while wearing mine.

  3. Joining the jealous group! It looks like it must've been beautiful with the trees changing color. I want that llama hat.

  4. Wonderful! Your photos really capture the fun of Rhinebeck!

  5. You really got some great photos! I wish I'd taken the time to get more.