Sunday, October 14, 2012

Stitches 2012

Again I helped out Mary in her booth at Stitches 2012.  It was a lot of fun.  Maureen was also helping out, and we get along so great!.  Because of the hand, I'm not going to go back today, but she had someone else coming in to all's good...

We were across from Harrisville Designs and they had this beautiful display...and even with the Display Only sign, people kept pulling the yarn out.

Nick, at Harrisville, became quite an attraction....a nice-looking young man knitting...he says he uses a mash-up of Portugese and Continental...lots of people asked to take his picture...
Also across the way were the Shaker box people, Saw Dust Co.,  with their Tower...

And the Nautilus, the lids for the Tower...

The box on the bottom right has a copper lid, they were just absolutely gorgeous!

I ran into some old friends, Dee Staziano, who is the biggest crochet supporter I know was manning The Knit Shop Girls Booth...this is crazy, fun Dee...
Later, she and Mini-Dee scoped out and picked up some earrings from Ideal Jewelry, we were near them last year, too and I picked up a pendant.

Of course, my other favorite Connecticut shop, Madison Wool, showed up to represent...She was sharing space with The Spun Monkey and Indie Spun. That's Dayna sitting writing up an order.

And I finally met, in person, Stacey Trock of FreshStitches.  She and I have been blog reading each other (well I read her, not sure she has read mine in awhile) for the past year or so.  I had to ask her a question, so was so glad she was there.  Mary has asked me to do a beginning amigurami class and I wanted to ask for permission to use a FreshStitches pattern....yeah!

What else did I see?  I saw Swing Knitting for the first time.  Mary knew what it was, as she had taken a class at TNNA with this woman, Brigitte Elliott (who is also the model here). It was really quite interesting, and looked felted from a distance.

I also saw this woman, Marlea Willis, with her beautiful necklace that she created out of I-cord.  She said she just uses up her leftovers and makes them...She also has a beautiful smile!

I also ran into a friend, Emily, whose name was on the winning board and she didn't even know!  She won an entire kit from Lion Brand!

The last big happening on Saturday was the shaving of the guys.  Drew, The Crochet Dude, Mark from Kollage and Ben from XRX, Inc, agreed to shave their heads to raise money for the Halos of Hope charity.  Until 1:00, only one was being shaved, but there was a surge in voting the last two hours and ALL three were shaved!  Mark came on stage with about 5 ball caps and wearing a hood!

They raised $19, 000!!!  Isn't that amazing!!!!

I did make some purchases, but since this is so long, it'll come in another post.