Sunday, October 7, 2012

King's County (Brooklyn) Fiber Festival

So yesterday I got up before the crack of dawn to head into New York City.  I have been taking the train from the nearest station.  It's a long train ride, but I don't have to worry about traffic or parking int he city, so for me, more convenient. 
This is my standing on the street, waiting for the bus...why am I waiting for a bus, instead of the train?  The train broke down!  The busses showed up an HOUR late...and it was cold!

Finally got on the train in Bridgeport.  I love that he was wearing the little conductor cap....I met Felicia, standing on the street corner and we stayed together the whole ride.  She was heading to Manhatten to help shop for her friend's boutique.  She had never gone into the city this way before...I doubt she'll do it again....She was pretty disgusted with the broken down train and late busses...

I was meeting up with Claire at Grand Central.  She is a fellow Nerd Warrior and had invited me for the day.  She was going to be spinning with her spin group.  She had her Ashford Traveller in a shopping basket (not our kind, but NYC kind).

The day was great!  Great weather...There weren't a ton of vendors, but a decent turnout.  I didn't buy any yarn!  Shocker, huh?  I did buy a handmade hat....She had some gorgeous hats!

hat by Artikal
 After browsing a bit and having lunch, we headed into the park to look for the spin group...and yeah, many showed up!

Here, they are doing spinning exercises, before they got started....

That is Claire on the right and Christina in the middle (and the shopping cart to the far right) 

There were many lookeeloos and several children who were fascinated by the spinning....I was crocheting a hat....a couple other people were crocheting or knitting too....

And Claire's knees....she says her knees have been featured widely in many pictures!
I loved the yarn that this was making!  And at the end of the day, she packed it all up and rode away on a bike!  New Yorkers are amazing people!

It was a great day! 

WilKey had come with we are waiting for the train in Bridgeport....

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Jolynn said...

Hello! I remember you and your friend WilKey! Hope you had fun at the festival! Your little friend is very cute!

Jolynn from Boo Animals