Thursday, October 25, 2012

I Only Went in for

the new Jane Austen Knits...which by the way they did not have....and I came out with...


Well the yarn came home from the next store, where I'd stopped to look for Jane Austen Knits...I needed the purple cotton thread, but the red and green yarn were impulse buys, as there is an adorable Santa hat on the ball band.

So I got the two magazines, then wandered in the clearance aisle..saw The Birth Order book...I am fascinated by birth order characteristics...saw A Secret Kept on clearance...I loved Sarah's Key....saw that the new Kate Morton was out and I'd get a good deal with my membership...and then went and picked up the Distant Hours, since I haven't read that one yet...I loved her first two! 

And I still don't have Jane Austen Knits!!!

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Evelyn said...

You had me laughing out loud. How I can relate!