Sunday, October 21, 2012

What Did I Come Home With?

I was good...I knew there were a few things I wanted to get...and I did really well....only 4, yes 4 skeins of yarn!!!!

Gnomespun in Swamp Thing (I kinda gave that one away yesterday)  I love this color..and well he talked me into it, showing me those gorgeous socks on his legs, underneath the kilt..

I met him at the Holiday Yarns booth where I was to pick up some Sparkle Bacon yarn...because well, who wouldn't?  She had sold at at Stitches....

Those were purchased toward the end of the day....I first bought some eggs of fiber for needle felting at Moonlight Llamas...
And where Wilkey decided he wanted to hang out for a bit...

I bought some Periwinkle Sheep in Murphy's Favorite Pint

I'm planning on pairing it with the Malabrigo Oeste for the Stephen West design Oeste.

I walked by the next booth, not planning on buying from vendors that I have stuff from, but had never used....until I saw this...and walked closer and saw it was The 'Verse....and it was MINE!
Into the, love her yarns! Oh NO!  I just clicked on her website to link...and she has a yarn club.....

I knew I wanted another basket and picked up this FairTrade one from a CT farm...

The book hanging out of the basket is not mine....I picked it up for a friend....but I did purchase...

And finally, I could not pass up one of these....

I walked by her booth and saw some candle ones, and thought, "I wish she had night lights" and right next to the candles were night lights...then I asked where she was from, was gonna order online, but she is from Dallas, so did not want to pay that shipping....I love this!

I also bought a pair of socks for the Hubs, some fun soap, kettlekorn, and a pair of silver earrings that are a basket of yarn from The Ram's Horn

All in all, a very satisfying trip!


  1. ooooh, you did great! I would have left with way more. I love those yarns you picked out and your other goodies.

  2. those are some beautiful yarns. I especially like the rainbow yarn.

  3. Very restrained, I can certainly see why you picked that last yarn though, even if it wasn't in the plan.

  4. I LOVE that nightlight!! I may have to get one for my daughter's room.

  5. my friend bought the same color in a worsted for a sweater from gnome spun. I bought a muted purple from him I'm in love with it, love your purchase from into the whirled, its the only yarn club I've ever seriously considered becoming a part of!

  6. Oh such pretty purchases! My single skein purchase came from the booth next to Into the Whirled :D

    It's so fun looking at the Rhinebeck posts and seeing the same things that I saw but from a different angle, with a different take, it's just awesome being with like-minded folks :D

  7. Looks like you had a great day! Sorry I missed it. Love your purchases!