Saturday, August 15, 2009

CGOA Part 1 - Goodies

So these are some of the luxurious yarns for sale at Chain Link this year. The first is a mohair/wool/nylon blend (two skeins, one is boucle) from Decadent Fibers
They were there last year and just have some really nice yarns. I think this will make a beautiful Christmas shawl. It came with a pattern, but it's a knit pattern..
The next is Merino Lace Weight from Cherry Tree Hill that I bought at the Yarn and Fiber booth - They are out of Derry, NH and I really need to go visit their store. My friend, K, found the yarn for her SIL to be's wedding shawl here, too. It was a silk lace weight in silver, just gorgeous!
The next two, I bought at the the Maple Creek Farm booth. The orange is a Merino and was on sale. I love fall colors, so I'll find something to do with it. The blues/greens are a baby alpaca/bamboo blend. As these are my two favorite fibers at the moment, I had to buy them to try. Heavenly. I bought all my yarn this year from the booths that I frequented last year. I like their product and was happy to see them again. I was a little disappointed that there didn't seem to be as many native/local people as there were last year. I don't know about numbers, but it just seemed as if there weren't quite as many vendors. I still loved what I saw and have fallen in love with the hook that I bought,....more on that to come....

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