Sunday, August 2, 2009

New Car

We have gotten a new car, traded in my Dodge Stratus. The car is a Mazda3 GT (Grand Tour) Neither one of us knew anything about Mazdas, never thought I'd own one. It is really nice. It was the dealer demo and had a little mileage on it. We got a pretty good deal and it is alot of car. It is fully loaded and drives like a dream. Larry says it looks like a big giant black cat sitting in our garage! Took it on a little trip to Woodbridge yesterday to check out a LYS the Yarn Barn. It's a nice store. There was alot of yarn and some good sales. I, of course didn't buy anything on sale, and forgot I had a 10% coupon, but oh well. I'm going to make a Bling Bag for the Chain Link dinner - maybe, if I have time....I also bought a Lantern Moon Rosewood hook and am in love with it! I love wooden hooks. The sparkly yarn is ArtYarn Mohair Splash and will be the Bling in my bag...It's 74% silk w/crystals and sequins and is gorgeous. It has a bit of purple in it....I also bought a Lantern Moon crocheted sweater keychain

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