Saturday, August 15, 2009

CGOA Part 2 - Goodies

So the other goodies I bought was a new Namaste bag. I'm in love with these bags. I now own two, the first I got last year at Chain Link. It's really nice, but I love the one I got this year. It's an eggplant color and alot smaller. It'll do as a project bag or a regular purse....Now I need to get one in olive!

I also ordered the CGOA commerative hook. It's a gorgeous hook by Aciano out of California, I didn't really look at the hook after I received it at registration. But later I feel in love with her hooks and bought an I. I didn't realize until yesterday that the show hook was by the same artist. Yeah! Now I have two. They are absolutely gorgeous! Can't wait to use them. Next up will be pics of the marketplace. I really didn't get great pics of the fashion show, I was a little away from the stage and it was dark. I also wasn't feeling well during part of the show and missed part of it. I added a few pics of the hooks and needles from Aciano's booth, also K showing off the yarn that she bought in the form of a shawl from The Yarn and Fiber Company. The other lady is Cyndi from The Yarn and Fiber Company showing off another shawl. Cyndi and Jerry are both very friendly and I love just talking to them..

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