Monday, October 7, 2013


So I have been cold sheeping it in anticipation of Rhinebeck (this month) and Stitches East and NEFF (in November), but I still belong to yarn clubs.....

First up was the last shipment of the Into The Black (Firefly) club from Mad Color...Heather is all about color and while other people interpret Firefly with dark colors, hers tend to be much more colorful.  The latest was inspired by the Fruity Oaty Bar video in Serenity.  I'm probably going to make this into a colorful scarf...Also included in this package was my Jessalu bag....I really love her bags....but the next installment is Alice in Wonderland....not my thing, so I jumped over to Heather's other club, which means no bags....:(

I also received my Random Fandom on Friday...another colorful one...This month was inspired by Equestria....The My Little Pony nerdom....I've watched a few of the videos...but not my thing....but pretty and sparkly!!!

It's a good thing, I'm not afraid of color!!!!

And...I have finished my Age of Brass and Steam!!!!!  It is blocking as we speak (or type)...I'll show it off later....hopefully can get home before it is too dark to snag a photo.....

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Paula said...

What great colors! I love it that Jessalu included the Fruity Oaty Bar logo on the fabric for the bag.