Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014 - Beginning WIPs

I don't really do resolutions any longer....I do hope that many good things happen to many lovely people this year, including my readers...Happy New Year

 So to take stock of the WIPs I have at the beginning of 2014.....they will also be added to my first Year of Projects post on Sunday.

Hermione's Everyday Socks:  sock 1, gusset
 Kai-Mei: sock 1, second lace repeat
Faces in the Wallpaper: sock 1, gusset and heel turn
Adele Socks: sock 1, heel
A Heart Full of Love: sock 1, leg
 Camo Beaded socks: technically done...but well, you can see
One is too short, they are both too fat....

So no starting any socks until at least two pair are done...I've worked on the Faces, the Adele and Hermione's socks this week...

The Scarf, finished 1/3 of scarf, I've worked on this during this week
Larry's stashbuster, nothing done on this
'Tis the Season, not worked on since Stitches
Orange cotton cowl, briefly worked on it, it hurts hands, so can only do a little at a time
Blankets/afghans:Round Ripple: not much done
Around the World: not worked on this year
Aran:  Not worked on this year
Learn to Knit: 3 squares completed

There are other miscellaneous projects, but not going to document those....of course I have a ton of projects with yarn and pattern ready, but I really need to get some of these WIPs done...I have also decided to frog two of Breathe of Fresh Air scarf..I don't like the pooling...and my Mission Falls Poncho....

I also really want to start a shawl....
And I will be starting a Knit the Sky

I'm sure I will add more WIPs, as Nerd Wars always adds to my WIP pile, but I will try to focus on getting some of these completed.

In addition, my sister has requested some fingerless gloves, I want to make some gauntlet-like gloves to go with my Katniss cowl, and I still have 5 hats and 2 gifts to make....

And I cast on this last night
Technically I cast it on awhile was for a swap partner who dropped out...but I had to redo it, as I ended up knitting with the tail....this is Falling Bobbins by Amy King

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