Sunday, January 10, 2021

Projects, Year 8, Week 2

I have really not done much, the past week as been....trying....The spouse went in for a stress test on Tuesday.  There was an issue.  She was admitted to the hospital for an angiogram.  There was a full blockage of one of her arteries.  They finally did the stint on Friday and she came home Saturday.  Obviously I was not allowed to visit.  

So I was teaching (we were allowed to virtual teach these next two weeks, as the students are virtual, thank goodness!) and I had to do all of her chores...feeding the chickens, and the cats (inside and outside), keeping the wood stove full, and oh yeah, cooking.....The PSA I have really affects my knee and hip joints.  The wood stove is in the basement.  I teach in my yarn room, on the second floor.  SO I had to go up and down stairs several times of the end of each day, I was in a lot of pain and I would take pain medication and go to bed I really got nothing done...I think I put a couple of rounds on some socks and that was it....

Today (Sunday), I whipped up a pair of crocheted fingerless mitts (almost full) for her.  She has never really worn gloves or mittens, but the HRT has changed her body composition in many ways.  She is more cold now then she used to be....and doing all the work outside, her hands are I pulled a skein of Lion Brand Wool-Ease out of my stash and just crocheted a pattern and I fit them to her as I worked on each section....

I did cast-on the Dissent Pullover last Sunday, as one of my 12 Cast-ons....

Hoepefully next week, I'll be back with more 

Finished Objects 2021:
Laura's Fingerless Mitts (1/10/20-1/10/20)

Works In Progress: 

12 Cast-ons of 2021:
12 Days of Christmas socks (December 25, 2020)
Boxy (December 27, 2020) Joji Locatelli
Selbu Mittens (December 27, 2020) Skeindeer Knits
Calleter Sweater Littletheroem
Teddy Sweater Terri Kruse
21 Color Slouch (December 28, 2020)
Radiate Joji Locatelli (January 2, 2021) - I am now on section two and working with both colors. It's kind of addicting...
Dissent Pullover Andrea Rangel (January 3, 2020)
Venezia Shawl Joji Locatelli (December 31, 2020)
Crunching Leaves Cowl (December 26, 2020) Casapinka
Freshstitches Amigurami
Hatdana Denise Bayron

The 12 Cast-ons comes from Angela of YarnNYarns.   She cast on a project a day and works on it for that day. Then she puts it away to pull it out and work on throughout the year.  Pretty much all of my cast-ons are projects I have been wanting to start anyway, so I joined in this year...

WIPS: Crochet:

Round Ripple: (Started 2006 (?) Aiden is now a maybe I finish it for him to take to college?
Around the World Afghan: (April 2010): about ¼ done - I'm not even sure where this is at the moment, with projects in two places.  I'll think on this.
Sunrise Sunset Afghan: this has been hibernating awhile, 6 squares done. I still love the look of this. Don't think this is at the Homestead, will have to check.
Tabard Tunic (NW Diss 2/1/14) - Haven't made a final decision on this yet
Venetian Cowl (July 1, 2018) I love this, but the stitch just takes a Loooong time!


Shark in the Woods (11/27/14)- I really love this, but it's a lot of cabling and I'm not a fan..about 1/2 done.
Zombie Vixen mitts (10/17/15)- still working on them, again cabling, review these, maybe done for St, Patrick'S Day
Meandering Top (5/20/16) - Revisited and ripped out the previous work, back to split for arms)
Splediferous Blanket - (4/15/17) Roald Dahl club, frogged the mitered and changed the pattern (jan 12, 2020)
Wee Cria - 3/18/2020
On the Go-veralls - 

Espalier Socks (Jan 10, 2016) - started and stopped...
Games Socks- 2/15/18
Snow Day: 3/4/19
Merfolk: 7/25/19
Monster Mash: 8/16/19 (cuff started awhile ago)
Whammed Socks Dec 7, 2019
Me Too - March 31, 2020
Blue Spruce Socks - April 1, 2020
Arne & Carlos - September 13, 2020

Splashy Flowers: (May 2011) - add a motif scarf, don't see that being finished soon...
Light in Shadows (1/14/14) - I love this so much...need to start the new direction, so need to sit down and figure it out..
Swinging with Winkle (6/4/16)- I love this so much!  Just need to finish it! Added a few rows
Knits4Comfort Advent Shawl 12/13/18
Zomboni - January 1, 2020 (restarted Jan 18)
Van Gogh - January 18

Fire and Blood (5/4/14) - not anytime soon
Outlander MKAL (8/8/14)  - possibility of finishing this..the yarn is so yummy



lovestoswatch said...

goodness me, great that they found the blockage and fixed it! Indeed, what a week - hang in there, this long night has to end!

MaureenHD said...

Congrats on whipping up those mitts. Today as we took our walk in South Florida I was commenting that I needed a pair of mitts. Unfortunately for me, Naples Florida is experiencing a below normal Jan so with a high of 60 the morning walks are nippy for my fingers.

Sounds like you have lots of fun projects started but I certainly can understand not having time to work on them as you become the person that has to do it all plus work fulltime. I hope you get a chance to relax with a little knitting this week.

Just read your "about" section so you can certainly relate to my kids. Tom enjoyed saying for years that he had 5 children by 5 different women. That's because the 3 oldest boys were adopted, he had one with his first wife (she passed away in her 30s from heart disease) and one by me. Because of the large age difference between the older set and the younger set, my middle child was an aunt 3 times before she was born and my youngest son was an uncle 4 times. It was great for my grandkids since we had kids for them to play with as well as plenty of toys.

HighlandHeffalump said...

Oh my goodness, what a lot you two are dealing with at the moment on top of all the Covid/lockdown stuff. You are doing a great job, I’m sure your students love you and I hope your spouse recovers well.

kathy b said...

I agree with HighlandHeffalump: You are doing an amazing job. I find when I am inundated like this, with family illness or surgery, and the house to keep up, and all the million things we do to stay afloat, I'm fine. It is when I am relieved of the situation and it is over that I collapse and fall apart. I am very aware of this about me, but I don't know how to change it.
I'll have to ask my counselor , she's good with things like that.

Breathing Life said...

Oh my - I am glad your spouse got taken care of with the stent, but oh my you are picking up a lot of slack. I hope you are taking care of yourself too, and what a lovely gesture to find the time to knit up a pair of quick mitts for her too. As someone who always feels cold I am sure she appreciated it. Take care of your knee too. I hope this week is less hectic for both of you.

Lucy Bowen said...

Oh gosh, what a week! We have switched to remote lessons now thank the Lord. But these weeks are so stressful. I'm glad they found the blockage and hope your spouse recovers quickly.