Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Let’s Take A Walk Through the Stash

I have a very large stash.  At the moment I have 946 types of yarn stashed on Ravelry.  I am trying to remember to update it and stash as soon as I get new yarn.  Doesn't always happen, but I've been working on it off and on the past couple of days.  I really only post pictures of higher end yarn and not "big box" yarn.  I have a lot of big box yarn, as I never walked by a sale without buying something and I do use acrylic....Not so much Red Heart anymore, but Bernat, Caron and I Love This Yarn.

But I also have a problem.  I belong to several "yarny" groups on Rav, too.  As soon as I hear a yarn praised, I must have!

DSC03181 Kiogu.  This obsession started with Kathy Merrick and the colors are just gorgeous!  I have not made anything from it though..

DSC03179Claudia Handpainted, small stash started from Webs..

DSC03176Creatively Dyed.  She was my first indie dyer that I bought multiple yarn from.  I have gifted a skein or two and also made fingerless gloves and a nook cover and still have a healthy ball left.  That skein is not pictured.

DSC03174Yarn Chef, an online dyer I heard about.  I love the colors.

DSC03172String Theory, gorgeous feeling yarn.  Bought all of this at Stiches in 2009.  Nope, not made a thing with it..DSC03173Sundara Yarn, love her colors.  Cherry Blossom, limited edition, gauranteed to make me buy!DSC03170Wildflower Whimsy, used to be Zen String.  See that skein on the right?  It’s called Secret Garden, after my favorite book!  I lusted after this, but could find none for sale, finally won this one an one of the Rav threads.  I was thrilled!  Then I bought some more…DSC03169Miss Babs, I purchased these at Stitches this year…Love the Mums on the right and the gorgeous feel of the two left ones…

DSC03167Persimmion Farm, they don’t sell online, so you have to find them at a festival.  Absolutely gorgeous colors and their prices are the BEST!

DSC03166Sereknity, another festival find this year, but one I have heard talk about..

DSC03163Madelinetosh, I blame Lori for this one, although I might have had a skein or two before I saw her beautiful work with this yarn.

DSC03162 The Sanguine Gryphon.  Skinny Bugga the left 3 skeins, Little Traveller in the middle, Bugga to the right.  I missed one skein I found after I packed these up…

DSC03160Ah, the always difficult to get Wollmeise.  I have been gifted two skeins, won one in a auction and bought another…They are so tightly packed, I don’t want to disturb them…

DSC03159Socks that Rock…the Hubs has bought all of these, after I showed them to him at Webs….

There are many more that I would like to buy and I have many single skeins of a lot of different independent dyers.  I try to support the indie, as much as possible. 

The Hubs said the other day, that it’s kinda like I’m saving up for retirement.  I’ll have all this yarn when I retire and won’t have to spend the money then!  LOL…So yeah, this is my retirement plan!

Sorry for the sucky pictures, as it snowed again today..hence why I’m home and not off preparing malleable minds for the future….or for all the testing we have coming up…yuck!  And I did not link, as I was too lazy to look them all up….


  1. What a lovely stash. I especially liked the Yarn Chef and of course the Wollmeise. One day I will actually get to see it in person...

  2. Just beautiful! Today my favorite is the Wildflower Whimsy, the two mostly yellow skeins with the tones of pink and purple at the other end.

  3. Your yarn is yummy. I am so jealous of all the pretties you have. I guess that saving for retirement is the ONLY excuse really for the amount of yarn you have, unless you are planning on setting up shop.

  4. Wow it's so luscious and pretty!!!!!

  5. I want it all! I hope to have a beautiful stash like that someday. I'm working my way through the acrylic to make room for some luscious stuff!

  6. Oh my goodness, I feel weak. You know, I think you need to get rid of some of that yarn - donate it to random worthy recipients (ahem). If you leave it around long enough without using it, it will surely be attacked by moths. Or wildebeest. Or unicorns. Just sayin' ...