Sunday, January 9, 2011

I Won!

Now I have been good about not buying any yarn, doesn't mean I'll stop entering contests!

I won this gorgeous skein of yarn. I chose the Stonhedge Fiber Mill, cuz dude it's alpaca! Plus I bought some skeins at the festivals that are similar to the first cool!

Yeah me!

Today I was busy, busy,, organizing, lesson planning, correcting..then I sat down in time to watch Downton Abbey...I had read about it, but actually caught it by accident...

Love me a good period drama, even without Colin or Jane Austen being involved, guess where I'll be for the next 5 Sunday nights....

And, yeah BIG possibility of more snow on Wednesday! It would be our first snow day! Time for bed, and it's frickin' cold in here!

Night all!


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Old Jail Artist said...

I love Downton Abbey, too! I really didn't see the Turkish hunk dying in Mary's bed thing coming, did you?