Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Walk Through The Snow

I live in a small city of about 60,000 people.  It’s not particularly picturesque, but there are some pretty areas.  One of them is the old town green.  I live down the street and around the corner from it.  I decided to take a walk today, as I’m tired of being inside (another snow day) and take some pictures of the green. I walked around the whole green.

It boasts the oldest church, the Congregational church and also a catholic church on the other side of the green, St. Joseph.

DSC03246(typical New England shot)


See that street in the middle of this picture?  The one that goes up and up and up…that is where my brother’s family lives, including the winggirl.  It’s the highest straight street in town. They live at the top.  We have a lot of hills.  I took the picture by the green which is also on the top of a hill.


I was able to wander into the green, as someone had actually plowed a lane through.

DSC03238 That’s a lot of snow!

Some people didn’t plow or shovel all the way to the end of the street corners.


Some people need to dig the fire hydrants out that are in front of their house.


When I got home I headed down my driveway to get the shovel, to shovel the steps…nope would not have been able to get out today.

DSC03253Those are my UGGS…I love them…They are not typical Uggs, I don’t like how those feel on my feet.  These have pink and blue flowers embroidered up the sides…


Sara said...

I love your pictures...but soooo glad there's no snow in my neck of the woods!

Anonymous said...

those are great photos! so very new england-ey, too. man y'all have had a lot of snow. us too. i'm done now, ready for spring. :) have a good weekend tammy!

Anonymous said...

Lovely pictures and very New England-esque! :D

Sentimentally Me said...

Hi There!

Not sure how Ifound you, linking linking linking . . . .

I'm in CT too, Redding (right near Bethel) wondering where you are???

Enjoy today/tomorrow's snow, too!!