Monday, January 24, 2011

A New Obsession–Supernatural

I have a new obsession.  See I only have basic cable and every year I limit myself to new shows.  I watch a lot of television, trashy, as well as classic (Downtown Abbey, anyone?)  I'm home, tv is on, sometimes just for background noise.

Well as you know, I'm a sci-fi/fantasy fan and I loved the X-Files.  I never watched Supernatural when it started.  I think it was on when I watched something else...and no I do not have a dvr or any of those devices, eventually...we are hoping to get new tv's this year and the new devices  along with them.


So this summer I started watching it on TNT.  They had 2 episodes a day...I was hooked...Flash forward to this past Thursday...the Hubs texted me and ask if I want anything at Barnes and first I saw no, but then text Supernatural S1 or Criminal Minds.  Well he came home with seasons 1 and 2 and a Criminal Minds (had to exchange for a different season)  I have now watched both seasons and I am hooked....Tomorrow I'll go and get another season (they are having a sale, buy 2 and get 1 free - sweet!), so I'll probably come home with the next 3 seasons...

I’m in love with Jensen Ackles, I knew him a little from Days of Our Lives (Mom’s soap) and Dark Angel, but I think he is just so great in this role…and he does the one teardrop really well…and Jared Padelecki, well Dean from Gilmore Girls…loved him, until he became a cheater, but still fondness is there….

Oh and I did some knitting...I finished my second square from Learn to Knit while watching Supernatural and started my third - a basketweave...


And we have more snow in the forecast and it is still January…we anticipate having very little of an April vacation!


Slicer said...

Great work!

Love the pic of the dvds, especially the afghan underneath. I forgot how much I loved those colors!

atangledyarn said...

this is so weird! we just started watching this! my husband has already seen 1-4, but not me. so we just finished season 1 last night, and 2&3 are in the mail:) i loved the x-files too:) we did that last year. we don't have tv here. love your squares too! is this from the learn to knit afghan book?