Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Question Was Asked…do you wear your knits?

by fridica on her blog

As I’ve only made one knit so far, the short answer is no and yes….I do wear my crochet….mostly hats..I make A LOT of hats..and I wear them.

Yesterday I wore this hat

DSC02867 The Hubs ran away from me all day, as he thought I looked goofy…but got compliments on it, alas no picture…

But I do have some pictures of me wearing different hats out and about…

DSC02652That’s me, squished in the middle of my nephews at Thanksgiving, wearing one of my crocheted hats. 

DSC00514This one is from last January.  The Hubs and I went to Northhampton, Mass for burritos and a visit to WEBS.  Another hat and you can just see the matching scarf peeking out from my coat. 

That’s about all I could find.  As I say, I wear them all the time, but I’m usually out and about alone, so noone to snap a pic….


  1. i luv your profile pic - so much, i let out an audible gasp - a yarngasm!

    cute hats and nephews by the way :-)

  2. Most definitely! Sweaters, hats, scraves, mitts...the lot!

  3. Crochet definitiely counts too! Thanks for playing! :)

  4. Yes, I wear my knits - mostly socks. I really should knit some more knits, though.

  5. Wear knit & crochet all the time! I have a hat that my hubby knit and that's what I've been wearing all winter. I got a new scarf this year from a website, but usually I wear my crocheted scarves. BTW, my hubby also knit me a sweater which I've worn plenty of times especially since he used my favorite color!