Saturday, August 27, 2011

Over the Rainbow

I'm in a melancoly mood today and hunting favorite songs on youtube....My favorite all time song is Over the Rainbow...The ultimate version

This is my original and the one I will always love the most....The Wizard of Oz is still my favorite movie (I've never read the books and need to remedy that)

Then in the 80's I saw Sam Harris perform it on Star Search and that became my favorite for awhile, a quirkier version..

Then in the 90's while I cried through the death of Mark on ER, I was introduced to Iz's version, which is just a pure and beautiful version.....

And then now it is the Glee version

I know there are other versions out's a popular song to sing....I also enjoy Kristen Chenoworth's version...just her pure voice...but these 4 versions are the ones that I enjoy the most...


  1. I love the Iz version...and I've now downloaded it from iTunes.


  2. It's just beautiful..he had such an amazing gift...he was gone too soon...

  3. You need to find Eva Cassidy's version. My favourite by a long shot. Great choice of favourite song!