Friday, January 6, 2012


Tomorrow I am going to a baby shower….and the Mom-to-Be had shown me a flowered baby hat on Etsy and asked if I could make something like that..I said sure….she then mentioned she just wanted a cute hat to use to take pictures….then a few days later she linked to a Yoda hat and commented on it (not to me)….so I thought hats, I’m going to make her some hats…I’ve made 9!  And I started two others…one is with candy corn striped yarn…it’s going to be just a regular hat with a giant pompom…the other is one of those square looking hats…and I have used all yarn from my stash…imagine my joy at finding Yoda colored yarn!  I’ve made a variety of sizes…
DSC01572 (2) basic newborn hat
DSC01573 Yoda hat (alpaca yarn felted)
DSC01576 An owl (her nursery has owls) My favorite
DSC01577 A puppy (The Hubs says it’s creepy) but the Mom-to-Be enjoys creepy…made her the bride and groom from Creepy crochet…The colors are the colors of her actual Australian sheep dog…but should I put a nose on it?
DSC01579 I made this hat a long time ago and it’s been sitting around, so I added the caterpillar and called it done…
DSC01581 I had the flowers made, they were leftover from a scarf I made, so I designed the hat around’ll be a cute favoritest yarn Manos de Uruguay cotton stria, which they have discontinued (I horde it when I find it in stores)
DSC01601 Suppose to be a monkey, but ears are wrong, kinda looks like a bear…may make the ears bigger or put a monkey face on it…what do you think?
DSC01580 The one that started it all…again, cotton stria…..
So this is what I’ve been making this week….
You can check out these links for more FO’s…

ETA:  There are nine..the first one I made awhile ago and posted about it here
Creative Friday


  1. Brilliant gift, those hats are completely wonderful!!!

  2. What a great collection of hats! I love the caterpillar. I vote for giving the puppy a nose. Your friend is very lucky.

  3. For the puppy hat, I might consider adding a nose. It is a little creepy...

    Does the monkey hat have to be a monkey? Could it be a bear? Maybe a face would help.

    Sometime, I'll learn how to crochet properly...

  4. Cute hats! The owl and Yoda are my favs :)

  5. All cute, but the caterpillar hat rocks! Those embellishments are so darling - what a great idea!

  6. Very cute hats, I love the owl! Maybe try a nose on the puppy and see what you think.

  7. aklsjdf A cornucopia of amazing hats! I love all of them, but the owl may be my favourite, too---closely followed by Yoda! And the caterpillar! And the monkey/bear hat! (I think it's cute as-is, with the smaller monkey-looking ears. You could maybe try a sock-monkey style face on it?)

  8. Love! Love! LOVE! Those hats. I am such a hat gal so seeing so many adorable hats is totally rock star. The yoda hat is perfect and being Alpaca is all the better. I have a young Jedi living in the house so anything Star Wars is always a winner.

  9. I love those hats, they're all so cute! Great gifts :)

  10. A great collection of hats. The sunbonnet is my fav.

  11. Thank you to everyone..I just finished two more hats for tomorrow..I'll post them at a later date...I added a row of hdc to the monkey ears and they look better...also decided not to add a nose to the gave him a decided lemur looking face...I love lemurs, but want this to be a puppy...

  12. Oh, what a darling friend you are!! Sometimes more is MORE, and this is one of those times!!
    I love them all and you are amazingly creative to think of such a great gift!! XXO-

  13. Those hats are awesome! Love the yoda one.