Thursday, June 30, 2011

Free Thing Thursday

I have a lot of stuff....I like to shop...It's a fact, I am a proud shopper...but there are things I have had for many years and have never I figure I'd send them out to those in the "innernets."

Like they say, somebody's junk, is someone else's treasure....It's too much trouble for me to sell on ebay....I just want to get rid of the stuff....if you want it and want to reimburse for postage, fine, but not totally necessary...

If more than one person wants it...I'll random generate here goes the first "free thing Thursday."

It's a Simplicity pattern 9661...printed in 1995....I have never used the pattern, although it is open, it is all still if you are interested, just leave a comment....I'll leave this open for 1 week....

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