Saturday, January 30, 2016

An Epic Tale

My friend, Laura, posted this on her Facebook page and I asked to blog it, as I think it's absolutely hilariously EPIC!

There once was a Viking businessman
 Who was working on his taxes
 In flew a massive bumblebee
 Hmm, thought the businessman, I can deal with this

 And swatted the bee
But it was not enough and the bee hurt him
And started to chase him
For months and months as the beard grew longer, and somehow braided
The bee finally got bored
And left the Viking at a cave, where he met a sweet dragon pet
In rode a princess to save the day!
The Princess battled the bee...
Cackling with glee, as she did the final jab!
The bee looked yummy, so the Viking cooked and ate it..
The bee wasn't a fan of being eaten
The Princess gifts the Viking the mighty sword
And an even mighty steed
Which he used to ride into the sunset

 While posing for Viking Weekly
In many manly poses
Anything for a paycheck, really
And as the bossy princess wanted a "they lived happily every after" picture for her scrapbook
The end...

Told you, epic! Right?  Laura made the crochet/knitted props, and she wrote the story...businessman played by Laura's husband (who is actually on Ravelry, but doesn't knit or crochet) and her two daughters...


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How fabulous xxx

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I saw this on her FB feed - hilarious!!