Thursday, June 21, 2018

Fibreshare Package

This is either the third or fourth time I've done Fibreshare...I love swaps and this one is great....I received an awesome package from Katie of Homespunwonders in Yorkshire, England.

The box was wrapped in pretty butterfly paper.

Lots of fun wrapped packages with clues written on them...and something made the box smell YUMMY!!

The whole package!  3 skeins of yarn! A hat and a project bag! Some fun extras!

A tin full of treasures!  A Fibreshare pin and a fun, I think it's a macron cookie pin...and buttons..
When I found out my partner was a yarn dyer, I was hoping I'd get a skein of her yarn.  She said me a skein of her alpaca blend..SO SOFT!!!!!! It's a wonderful color called Clover...and it matches the bag that she also made for me!!!  Wonderful!
The skein on the left is Dye Candy...she said it was her favorite UK dyer! The color is "Lord of Misrule" The skein on the right is Truly Hooked in a Slytherin-inspired color called "Cunning." (I'm a Ravenclaw, but I love the Slytherin colors!) I'm hoping this is a self stripe!
The fun extras: A needle gauge from Katrinkles (I laughed when I saw this, since she ordered it and it had to go to England and then back here to New England...unless she got it at a store over there), a a ChiagoGoo 9" needle, hedgehog post-its! and what made the box smell so good! Some Lavender and Clary Sage soap....yum!!!!!!!
Love this!!!!  It's new notebook....I have a passion for notebooks...and have tons of empty ones because I can't stop buying them!!!!
And this fabulous hat in a tweedy mustard in love!!!!!!!

Thank you Katie for an amazing package!!!!!!!

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Paula said...

Wow, what an excellent swap!