Saturday, November 27, 2010

And Christmas Is Upon Us...

I refuse to do the Christmas thing before Thanksgiving. Poor Thanksgiving, it is so overlooked in the rush to shop for Christmas.

Sometimes I am really organized, sometimes not. This year is a mixture. There is some cleaning that needs to be done before I can get a tree and decorate fully, but the first Santa is up...

He is hanging on our back door that leads into the kitchen. I bought a new curtain for it today, cleaned the windows and hung up Santa. Some years, he has adorned the top of the tree. I bought him in Maine many, many, many years ago and is made primarily of wood products.

I also cleaned the front door windows, hung another new curtain and put up the tin Santa star my sister got me a couple years ago. It'll hang there until we get our wreath. My MIL used to make the wreaths, but has not been able to for a couple of years.

So one Santa is up and the rest will soon overtake the house in all their Santa splendor...

Oh and I saw this for sale at Joanne's guess I don't need any expensive ornaments..

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  1. Amen about Thanksgiving! It drives me nuts that we start seeing Christmas stuff as soon as Halloween is over!