Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Nephews

You have met my niece, the winggirl, Allison and my nephew Kyle. Those are my brother's kids.

I come from a blended family. My parents divorced when I was ten and my mom remarried later that year. My stepdad, Bill, a wonderful man, came with three daughters. Two older than me, one younger. I went from being the oldest child to a middle child, but my oldest tendencies were there (I strongly believe that there is such a thing as traits depending on birth order)

Anyway, my brother, who is younger than me, has a boy and a girl. My oldest step-sister has two boys, my next sister has three boys and the youngest has two girls.

There has been some fracturing in the family since my stepfather's untimely death in 1996. The most painful day of my life, I don't even remember parts of it.

However my next oldest sister (notice I don't call her step) and I have remained somewhat close, with life just getting in the way of us seeing each other regularly.

But her boys...I love to death her boys....and I have a fabulous relationship with them, especially the two older ones. I stop at the house to see them, not as much as I used to, but I adore them...

Today I went to celebrate the youngest birthday. He is 12. The oldest is 23 and the next 21. I also saw my oldest step-sister and her youngest son. The youngest lives in another state and I rarely, if ever, see her and her family.

These are my nephews: Jorden, Marc and Christian.
My mom says it's funny, she gets updated pictures of the kids from me, all the time, and not my brother and sister, and I'm the only one without kids.

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lori said...

awww - what nice pictures! it's obvious how much y'all love each other. and i love that hat you're wearing. :)