Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Life's Little Mysteries

Did a laundry basket fall out of a car? Did a woman throw out her cheating other's clothing?

These are some of the questions surrounding the string of clothes going down the main road toward my school building. They go on for at least a couple of miles.

Where did they come from? Did they blow off a clothesline somewhere? Why are they still there? Isn't someone missing their wardrobe?


Sara said...

oh my!

lori said...

i always wonder about that too! don't people notice?! it's fun to make up a story....i like the one about a woman throwing out her cheating other's stuff. you could run with that, tammy, and write a story. :)

Aunty Mum said...

That's so funny. And the best part is that the owner of the clothes is completely unaware of how much brain fodder he left for you in figuring out the mystery.