Monday, November 1, 2010

Hmmm...Bad Choice?

I'm kinda nervous....see today I shared my blog address with my students. It's a clean blog. A blog mostly about yarn...even if they stop by, they'll get bored (especially the boys) and move on.....

See I'm close to many of my students. In my two classes right now, I have 22 students I had previously. Of those 22, one is the third in a family that I have had....another is the 4 of a family group I have had (cousins/siblings/etc) and the last and I will miss this family alot! (The first was the young man, I featured here)
I have several siblings of students...and I enjoy my days with my students (for the most part, we all have days!)

So if any of them peek in, be nice, don't share the blog address, and remember report cards are coming up!

Now onto yarny news....hmmm do I have any more yarny news? I don't think so.

I got three trick or treaters, so there is a black cauldron half filled with candy in the living room...and I got a doctor's reminder call, hmm thought that was in December?

Think I'm going to have some oatmeal, toast and tea, as it is frickin' cold in the apartment and I need to bundle myself up!

Maybe I'll work on this! This is my Games Ghan. I started it during the Olympics. I think with my friends on craftpots.....I want to add at least two more strips. But I had run out of the cream, got it now, so can work on it again!


ewenique said...

Funny this. I still haven't shared my blog with family and non-knitting friends.
I view my blog is my space to be the me I choose to share with the world.
So far, I've learnt I'm not as open as I thought I was (who knew?). S, (my husband) is a university professor and I have concerns about how the things I write now could turn around and bite us in the arse.

ewenique said...

I should add that I admire your courage.