Monday, November 8, 2010


Really, we had snow today and delayed openings and cancellations. Not our district, mind you, as the world needs to be ending before we even get a delay...

The Hubs just sent me a picture text of WEBS. Wonder what he bought me? Just kidding, as he actually cuffed me upside my head when he saw the pile of yarn on my lap yesterday. I was stashing on Rav and he asked if I bought it all today (at the New England Fiber Festival) Of course, I answered....cuff upside the head (don't get upset, he barely touched me)

He normally doesn't say anything about my yarn purchases. Actually, he said, since I'm the one making the money, if I want to buy yarn instead of paying rent, well that's up to me.....he didn't mean it obviously, but he rarely ever comments about my yarn purchases. He actually took me on my first visit to Webs and has gone to many yarn stores with me...

oh new text, wonder if it's a picture of yarn? Nope, darn, it's the Mexican place we get burritos when we are in Northhampton...

I can dream...I texted him back that I would like something in purple.... Let's see if he comes home with anything...I'll let you I must devote myself to correcting papers...yuck!


  1. Uh oh, me might come home with egglants!

  2. he IS a great enabler! like you need enabling, sister. :)