Monday, April 21, 2014

Sock KNitting...yep..sums it up...

This was posted on America's Knitting page on made me laugh out loud....not sure where it originally came from as it did not have a link...


  1. That's a good one! Actually though, at my age I look more like the first picture! LOL!
    I have a question....why is the right side of my sock on the inside while everyone else who posts pictures of their socks on the needles have the right side on the outside? Do they just flip it right side out for the picture or did I do something terribly wrong as usual? I'm using Susan B. Anderson's Basic Sock Pattern on Ravelry (free). I am determined to be a sock knitter so you can be blunt with me....if I have to "frog" for the zillioneth time it's okay...I'm used to it! Ha! Ha!
    Thanks for stopping by. I'm going to follow you all the time as I need to rub elbows with knitters more than just once a week for YOP.
    Thanks for any help you give me.

  2. Hahaha yep that made me laugh too.. Although I don't knit socks, this picture pretty much sums it up for regular knitting and crocheting too.. Though I have to admit, the one of 'what my partner thinks I do' also comes close to the truth sometimes.. ;-)

  3. Oh that is so perfect! Especially with the half-knit socks laying around.