Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Passion of The King

I've never felt the need to wear my religion on my sleeve or proclaim who I am religiously, but here is the FYI....I was raised Lutheran, my mom was raised husband was raised Catholic...I do not attend church on a regular basis, but I believe in God and an afterlife....I did attend church regularly as a child and even went to a Lutheran school for 4 I learned the Bible...but I also believe that religion and people's faith have caused more wars and heartbreak in this world than anything else.

But last night I went to see a production of The Passion of the King, put on by a local church, Crossroads Community Cathedral because a former student was in the ensemble and I was invited.  It was also her 13th birthday.

The first act was very long....each scene was long and they didn't all necessarily have to end with a song.  But there were some truly beautiful singers on stage.  The highlight of the first act was a scene with all children and Jesus...then they dance and was adorable. 

The second act was very different.  It was extremely powerful.  The second scene is The Last Supper scene and very well done...I teared up in two scenes, Simon Peter denying Christ three times....and when Christ was flogged...what you can't see in that picture, is Mary singing and wailing throughout the flogging...very effective...

The crucifixion scene was brutal (there is a warning that no children under 6 should be allowed, and the little children were not on stage during this) and I cried.

When Jesus walked out of the tomb, the audience broke into applause.

I'm glad I went, it was a very good production....and I got to see one of my favorite students and her mom on stage....

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Babajeza said...

I love to read the first paragraph. :-) Happy Easter! Regula