Friday, April 25, 2014

Hanging With the Friends...

So today was awards ceremony at school...and when all was said and done, I had 8 students I combined my class with my friend, Deidre...and then Deidre asked the class(es) to talk me into going out for dinner (didn't want to go)...ended up where do 3 Cuban-Americans, 1 Puerto Rican-American, 1 Italian-American, 1 Irish-American and 1 mixed mutt American (that's me!) go for dinner?

Well that would be a Mexican restaurant! 

Happy Weekend everyone! 

Tomorrow I am off to the Connecticut Sheep and Wool..what lovelies shall I find?


Lily Razz said...

Looks like a fun group, hope you had a lovely dinner!

Fiber Jewels said...

Wish we had fun little wool gathering events up here in Alaska! :-(