Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Our state university, The University of Connecticut, has done something no other university has done...they have won national titles in basketball for BOTH the women and the men!!!  Not only once, but twice!  First in 2004 and then again this year....they also won a national title this year in field hockey (I believe)...It's pretty exciting in our little state during March Madness!

 This is the Women's 9th title!!!!!!!! And they went 40-0!!!!

This is the Men's 4th title!!!!

On Sunday, we decided to go to the celebratory parade!  What fun!
There were A LOT of people!!

I found my very own stepstool to stand on...

Here they come!!!!!

The women were first.......

Then the men....

there was a rally after, but we didn't go to that.....but what a fun way to spend the day!

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