Tuesday, March 20, 2018

World Down Syndrome Day

I learned about this last year.  And forgot about it this year until I saw a video on Sunday.  Although no one in my family was born with Down's Syndrome, I grew up around it.  My grandmother worked in the kitchen of the old State Home.  There were many residents with Down's Syndrome.  We used to visit a lot...and we would also take some of the residents (who didn't have family around) out for day trips.

This is the video I saw on Sunday:
What a beautiful video!  It made me cry happy tears.

I also follow Lisa Eicher on Instagram.  She and her husband have adopted two children with Down Syndrome (from, I believe Bulgaria) She is very open and honest about the struggles.  They post many videos.
I am working on empathy with my students this year.   We have watched a few of the videos and I have been in touch with Lisa about it.  I hope to have more conversations with my students about it.  And possibly some type of back and forth with the Eichers.

Right now, we do not have any students in our school with Down's Syndrome, or in fact, any physical disability. Just trying to help raise awareness with my students.

So wear some crazy socks today.....I searched, but couldn't find a reason fro the crazy socks..if anyone knows, please comment.  I kind of remember a sock company being started by a boy with DS and his father, but not sure if this has anything to do with it....Found the company, John's Crazy Socks

I'll be back next week with a Stitch Along, as I didn't do much this week anyway.  Sunday or Monday, I'll have a Stitches United recap...


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I had a student once who had Down's Syndrome; she was spunky and had character. I liked her and her family was terrific.
Have fun at STITCHES. No doubt you'll be burning up the credit card there.

Paula said...

I sniffled through 50 Mums 50 Kids. Then at the end I saw the #wouldnthangeathing hashtag and had to go for the tissue box. Thanks for posting it