Friday, October 29, 2010

More Yarn on the Way!

So tomorrow I will be heading to Stitches East in Hartford, CT. I'm not taking any classes, just wandering the market floor and buying yarn. I'm especially looking to get bacon yarn from Holiday Yarns. As I forgot to get it at Rhinebeck. That Fool's Gold is pretty nice, too. Think I might pick up a sock pattern and some Gnomespun yarn if they have some...How can you live without gnomespun yarn? (It would only be better if it was hobbitspun) I left that gem with my students today, that I'd be buying gnomespun yarn. They were quite intrigued. They can't wait to see the bacon yarn either...

I was going to go after school, but plans changed. It's okay, gives me more time tomorrow to wander...and I have a free ticket thanks to the Ravelry gift bag!!!!

I was going to come home and organize my stash some more and figure out what else I wanted. I think last time I was intrigued by some kettle dyed yarn, but didn't get it...Also I found String Theory last year that was scruptious...I just like to feel it, as I haven't used it yet...But I fell asleep instead and woke up stupid.....

I think I'm awake enough now to do some stashing.....Or watch Lord of the Rings again....


  1. ooh, so jealous. I had wanted to go to the market too but just couldn't fit it in this weekend. Enjoy!!

  2. hope you find everything you are looking for at stitches!