Thursday, October 14, 2010


This is what was running through my head on the ride home...what do I pack?

See this is the first year I am staying over at Rhinebeck, usually I go up for the day...I am so excited I can't contain myself...however I have also been feeling crappy today...cough, runny nose, headache, TIRED!!! I'm hoping it's just this...
The nasty storm we will be having tonight. My allergies always kick in during the fall, I'm weird like that. I'm also sensitive to climate let's hope it's just that.....

Now what do I pack??? What do I take for projects???? I have to stalk some of my Bingo blogs still...omg and I can't forget that! I went through a lot of trouble and two continents to get it!

Oh and gotta print out the hotel confirmation and get an address to plug into Stella, my trusty GPS...and...and...and...maybe I should start by lugging my bright pink suitcase upstairs!!!! See ya'!

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