Saturday, October 9, 2010

Hello Again....and "My Boy"

Well I am up and running with a new computer.....I had to send the first one back, because it was dead once I plugged it all in...So although I have been posting, I have tried not to do too much. My netbook works, but it's small and can be slow....This is super speedy fast!

I missed my Blogtoberfest post last night. I was busy watching a former student and his band, Hardwater...let's see about posting pics and videos with the new computer...I just spent several hours, (with a break for lunch and a farm stop) uploading almost 400 pictures and videos! Not all of Hardwater, just ones I've saved and not uploaded the past computer-less weeks....

This is Hardwater. The boy on the base is James and was my student in second grade. He is now a senior. His mom was a teacher in our building and we actually team taught for awhile. She is now at a different school, but we keep in touch...I have called him "my boy" for years and I still think of him that way. Even his mom will say it. It was great to see the family last night. His dad is also a teacher. There is a family of cousins and I have had several of the children. Great family, great kids!

He was the first student to make me realize how much influence we have as teachers. His mom told a story of him wanting to wear a certain pair of socks where he said, "I'll wear these, but I prefer to wear the others." Anyway they didn't use the word "prefer" often. I use it all the time! "You can do this or this, but I prefer if you did it this way." It can be an eye opener how much influence you can have as a teacher and that was only in a small way...

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