Thursday, October 21, 2010

People I Met At Rhinebeck

See that table, behind the man standing up.....those are some of the fun people I met at Rhinebeck this year. Now I don't go on Ravelry and chat too often, but I have now met a bunch of Ravelers. This was taken at the Rav party, which was the reason I stayed over this year. It was a fun party. I went with Alice from Iowa. I had posted on a Rav blog that I was driving by myself if anyone wanted to carpool. She took me up on my offer. We went together to Rhinebeck on Saturday and then to the party Saturday night.

We eventually got there. But it did look like this for a bit...

We finally found the party and parked, after following an RV around and around and coming back to where we started. There was a bus running, but the line was long, so we decided to walk. It was cold, it was dark and it was a kinda long walk.....
Eventually we saw this:
and then we were there Luckily we walked or we would have missed out on a goody bag. A bus pulled up right after we got there and the goody bags were gone after that...

There were alot of people at the party that I recognized and I said hi to several people. But I kinda did my standing in the corner impression. I didn't mingle alot. Which normally I wouldn't have a problem with, but for some reason just didn't feel like it. I was also trying to spot Bingo players and did see a few and had them sign my Bingo card.

Eventually I went and sat with the group from the hotel. I didn't want to intrude, as they are all part of a forum on Rav, and were visiting each other, but I was invited to take a seat.

This table is filled with people from a SnB that I have attended twice. I met "WifeMomKnitter" through blogging. Their SnB's are alot of fun, but about 45 minutes away, so I won't attend too often.

For some reason I didn't take any pictures of or with people I met, hmm...but the roll call for the weekend was: Maureen (from my local Knit Night), Gale Zucker (I'm reading a book she did the photos for and hooked up with her through her blog), Samantha and her posse (she's local and I met her through her etsy shop and Rav), Ann I met her last year at the noon Rav meetup, The "hotel" girls: Abbie, Melissa, Gingy, Liz, Texaspurlgirl, Jennifer and Alice. I know that there were a few more....Doug, not one of the girls, but the husband of one of them.
I also ran into NutmegKnitter, who is part of the SnB group, but was traveling with a friend....I also met several people through playing Rhinebeck Bingo......Maybe next year, I'll be a bit more social...


  1. that's my usual scene, haunting the corners. i can imagine it's not yours, you're so outgoing. isn't it a sad and lonely place to stand? i get so shy, and feel so awkward. maybe next year i'll get enough courage to go to the party and we can go together. :)

  2. I wish my SnB was closer but just know that you are welcome any time you want to come down and join us. :-)

  3. All in all it sounds like you had a fun time at the party. You got a gift bag right, you were lucky with that!