Monday, November 28, 2011


Another zinger from Matt Paxton:  “We took out 8000 pounds of poop.  That’s a lot of poop.”  Said so seriously!  It cracked me up!

Yes, I watch Hoarders, just finished tonight’s episode, which was really gross and filled with poop, dead cats and black mold….

But I enjoy watching it…see I know I have hoarding tendencies (have you seen the stash? and the books? and the clothes? and the…well anyway…)

I will NEVER let it get to that point and that is one reason I do watch Hoarders…and oh yeah I helped clean out an aunt’s house.  She is a hoarder.  Literally there were paths to each room and towers of was my first realization that this issue does exist in my family. She moved into a nice clean house…I hear it is back to the way the old place was when she moved…

Packrats, that’s what we are called before it becomes an issue. …and really I picked a bad profession, as teachers have tons of STUFF….

But Matt Paxton, he has some zingers…and I just discovered he has a podcast..which can be crude, but also funny….I read a review of Matt awhile back and I agree with it…



  1. Hoarders makes me feel so much better about myself because I've realized that although I have a lot of stuff, most of it is clean and somewhat organized and I'm constantly going through things, getting rid of things, and using things.

    I always want to clean when I watch Hoarders...

  2. I have watched Hoarders and yes it makes me think of that Aunt that you helped move. Unfortunately there is another Aunt who is just as bad. After cleaning out my Mom & Dad's house after they passed away I knew it might be heriditary and that scared me. I have been cleaning and getting rid of things. My problem is procrastination to get it done.