Sunday, November 13, 2011

Stash Sunday

I think on Sundays, I’m going to feature a particular yarn…

Today’s Stash Sunday feature is Rowan Colourspun.

DSC01076 DSC01075

Colourspun is a new yarn introduced by Rowan.  They describe it as

Colourspun is a lovely wool and mohair blended yarn which is sublime to knit. Each shade is produced by blending two printed and two solid colours together and then twisted with a printed binder.”

It is 72% Wool, 14% Mohair and 14% Polyamide and about 148 yds (135m)

I first saw it on the cover of the WEBS catalog and was instantly in love.  I purchased 2 balls at Stitches East to try out.  One I am giving away, but the second I used to make a hat.

DSC01273 Look at those subtle colour changes (since it’s a British yarn, I’ll use the British spelling!) It’s called Hubberholme.  It is not itchy, although it has wool and mohair.

It was very easy to crochet, but occasionally I ran into “splittiness” because of the mohair. It would wrap around the hook at times, and I’d have to redo the stitch…

I currently have the pattern book on order and I’m going to try my hand at these mittens.  Not sure I’ll do the colourwork section, as that is still kinda scary for me (in knitting)…But that was the picture that made me fall in love with this yarn…

I have enough left of the ball to make cuffs for some fingerless gloves. 

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Anonymous said...

I think your idea to share a weekly yarn feature is terrific. This one looks fun!